Positives of HTML5

HTML5 makes sites more accessible through HTML headings like <header>, <footer>, etc. Before, readers had no way to figure out what a certain <div> was, but with new semantic tags, readers can look at an HTML document better. It also has video and audio support with new <video> and <audio> tags. HTML5 also has a cleaner code with new <section>, <article>, <header>, <footer>, <aside> and <nav> tags. Another cool thing about HTML5 is the new local storage feature. It’s like a client side data base where you won’t have to worry about the user deleting cookies. There are also better interactions with HTML5 with the <canvas> tag that includes APIs:

  • drag and drop
  • offline storage database
  • browser history management
  • doc editing
  • timed media playback

Love to make games? HTML5’s <canvas> tag allows you to develop games. HTML5 is also the most mobile ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps.


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