Final Stylesheet

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Final Mission Statement

I am creating a site that will be the re-design of American Airlines. However, I am changing it to a fictional airline that I’ve made called Avifauna Airlines. I plan to make it more of a user-friendly interface that easier to understand. The main colors used will be blue and white. The logo for this airline is the abstract convergence of a bird in flight and an airplane. The flight information will coincide with the flight info of American Airlines. My goal is to make the site visually more user-friendly and distinct. My focus is to be minimalistic but make an impact. Modern. Clean. Fast. Smooth. Avifauna Airlines. Song of Flight.

Midterm mission statement

Mission statement:

For my midterm, I will be creating a website that will give steps on how to be an interesting person. It will have a contemporary/modern feel to the site due to my subject’s contemporary characteristic. I will be making graphic moves that reflect modern typography as well. Steps are but not limited to the following: 1. Be childlike, but not childish, 2. Be radically honest, 3. Be more challenging, 4. Create points of dissonance (unexpectedness). Each step will have more details about them with a an accompanying image that I will create in illustrator. Images will be a metaphor for the each step. I will be using a ladder as the main motif/theme.




negatives of HTML5

The main problem is that only modern browsers support HTML5 which means everything except Internet Explorer.

Another problem is that the language is still considered a work in progress, meaning any elements could change at any time.

In regards to media licensing, rich mediu has to compressed in multiple formats to be compatible with most browsers. These media licensing issues involves more work and is not very convenient.